Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll!

Have I got your attention yet with the title? It seems to be the main agenda with teenagers nowadays.

Morbid as the issue is as I continually address it, please spare a minute or two to read this:

Rape and the courts

80 per cent of rape charges fail to get past an investigation

0.86 the percentage of reported rapes that end in conviction in Gloucestershire

1 in 20 the proportion of women who have been raped at least once since the age of 16, according to a survey in 2000

Rape is still considered a 'common' crime such as burglary unlike GBH which is sectioned as 'hate crimes.' Out of 200 women who claimed to be raped in eastern region, 49 were taken to trial - only 2 convictions. Here just some of the horrific statistics I have learned from attending newly established campaign "WHO'S PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE." Hearing about the endless rape cases were emotional enough, but learning about the recent escalating trend of convicting women for perverting the course of justice because they are unable to get a successful sentences for their rapists was terrifying. Worse still, I always felt that this was more of international complaint, women raped during war times-however to find out that this is happening right now in our own homes was shocking. I know that students of our generation are not really informed about the wider world corruption and politics- so as a victim myself of this horrible atrocity I can tell you it is much closer to home then you think. It may not ever happen to you or anyone close to you during your lifetimes, but please try and help the Justice for Women campaigns. If you need any information please send me an email. Seeing grown women so passionate about such a cause has inspired me to do the same. On 14th December this year- I will be attending the Court of Appeal to hopefully see an innocent women become free after 6 years imprisonment for killing in self-defence after years of living with an abusive husband (although the husband who murdered his wifeand stored her body in the freezer was only given two years imprisonment.) If you want to help I am starting letter writing sessions to top authorities- Crown Prosecution Service, Local governments even parliament to overturn the recent increase on prosecuting women. Even sending letters/ cards during the x-mas period to poor young women who have been jailed during this period of time for being falsely accused of lying. The Ipswich murders currently are causing a stir- they are not addressing the perpetrators- instead they are saying for all women to stay indoors. Is this really equality in the 21st century? I think not- women should be allowed walk safely amongst people. The message given out by all the convictions of women are that men are allowed to abuse women- and it will keep escalating if we do not do anything soon. I am not asking for much - just some help- one free evening to help victims of heineious crimes such as these incidents. Some may think that it is the women's duty to not indulge in drinking and put themselves into 'these' situations. Why should they be victim to rape everytime they drink whilst alcoholic men continue to act abusive towards other human beings? Its a sad world we live in- lets hope with the little help we can offer it can change.

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