Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Night 2010

As the 2010 Election results unfold, it’s fairly certain to say the attitudes of the parties somewhat differ. Ranging from a bold statement from the Shadow Home Secretary, George Osborne that this is “a comprehensive rejection of the Labour government and a strong vote for change,” to a more subdued Labour to “have a more mature diplomatic decision-making approach” if there is a hung parliament.

It seems to be reflective of typical Conservative nature, and even more worrying of what is to come. As Anne Widdecombe, former Shadow Cabinet Minister commentates that this is the case and it is “pompous” of the Former Lib Dem leader, Lord Paddy Ashdown to state that “Conservatives should be more focussed towards the fact that no party is a clear winner,” than declaring that Labour had been outright defeated. Ironically, it is harder to tell who is more pompous with that proclamation, even more so that there has been no word about diplomacy and a united stable front to steer through the economic difficulties ahead.

Should we worry about an authoritarian Conservative government that reflects the Thatcher era of the 1980s? So what should we expect from a Tory lead government- reduced taxes indicating social benefits for work, health and education will also fall; more privatisation of schools, decreasing the quality of education for young people; doubling the operational bonus for troops serving in Afghanistan, ensuring that they remain there. But mostly, judging by the recent televised Election Debates; a policy to rubbish their opposition Labour and not really produce any ideas of their own is apparent.

Better still, ‘capping’ immigration including those coming from within the EU to half the amount that currently stands suggests deportation is imminent; refugee aid is non-existent. Especially as recent reports indicates that fascist party BNP has contacted Mr. Cameron expressing a wish for an alliance between the parties creating a majority parliament of right-wing parties. A member of the ‘non-violent’ faction of the Ku Klux Klan and a man who wants to put a lid on immigrants coming in to the country despite some being from the EU, results in an overall majority of racist despots.

So what should we expect from the day after the elections? Gordon Brown has signalled that he wants to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats creating a "strong, stable and principled" government. But that aside, anticipate an outcry from hundreds of voters who were turned away from various constituencies including Lewisham, Hackney as well as areas in Sheffield and Manchester, despite arriving before 10pm. An even more so, ‘grumpy’ Tory faces despite a so-called win, according to various tweeters. Who knows? It’s an unpredictable night for certain.

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