Monday, 20 June 2011

Global Debates for a Global Future

Students from Yew Chung International of Beijing have been getting their political minds in gear through involvement in a year-long initiative held by the United Nations Foundation. The UNF Global Debates have challenged the Year 10 and 11 students on current world issues that many young people may be presently unaware of. The scheme has been giving high school students and their teachers an opportunity to participate and initiate public discussion specifically around critical international matters. Students have finally had the chance to put their arguments to the test, focussing on the plight of migrants and whether "Nations of the world should increase protection for migrant’s economic and social rights."

With only a few hours before the debate, the students were given the angle which they needed to argue against. At the forefront of the heated debate are Year 10 students Annabelle McCombe and Jun Ting Yeung debating against Year 11’s Anthony Guo and Gemma Golding-Duffy who are in support of migrant rights.

The students are using a specific ‘migrant’ case study to focus on their debate - the migrant situation in Yemen. YCIS Beijing students have extensively researched into Sudanese refugees fleeing to this country and the fact that many refugees who lost their rights are displaced internally or have to migrate to another country...

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